Kemboocha Kombucha benefits

"Follow your gut"! This is true in a literal and figurative sense. Why do we say this? Where did this come from? I believe we say it because on a subconscious level, we know this to be true. While the origins of the statement are unknown, perhaps it has been said from the beginning of time. We know that good health cannot exist without gut health. With the trillions of bacteria that exist in our guts, it stands to reason that the micro center of our bodies resides here. 

Kombucha has multiple benefits. Our brand, Kemboocha, offers the following:

Promotes healthy digestion         Contains live probiotics & enzymes

Increases energy                           Supports joint health

Reduces inflammation                   Supports liver health, aids detoxification

Has the ability to regulate the immune system

While there is research that supports Kombucha's benefits, there is still more to be done.

Our customers continually provide feedback that lets us know the benefits are real!