Fermented Foods

According to supermarket news, fermented foods will the #1 food in 2018. See Infographic below.  It's no surprise that current research indicates the benefits of this food category is robust. Research sited from The Big Book of Kombucha informs us of current studies and conditions Kombucha is helpful for. The following are illnesses that Kombucha's efficacy is being studied for treating or relieving symptoms:

Arthritis/Rheumatism/Joint Pain                              Asthma

Cholesterol Issues/Arteriosclerosis                          Cancer

Weight Management                                              Diabetes

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)                                          Kidney/Liver

Gastrointestinal Issues/Acid Reflux/Ulcers             Skin Ailments 

Immunity, Infections, and Infectious Diseases        Gastroparesis 

Yeast Infections/Candida                                            

Skin Ailments                                              

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