Kemiko Y. Lawrence is a Mixologist, brewmaster and certified registered yoga educator ERYT 200hr, with Yoga Alliance. Kemiko’s Wellness journey has been her  life's story. As a child she experienced severe illnesses. This experience led her mother to radically modify the family's diet.  Kemiko's mom laid the foundation for what is life's work and passion. Kemiko is passionate about educating others about the power of diet and yoga.  her signature KemBoocha is an extension of who she is.

Having worked with corporations, individuals, small & large groups, Kemiko continues to lead the charge of spreading wellness throughout her community and the world.  A health and wellness advocate, Kemiko believes that being non judgmental of yourself will ensure you will be the same way with others. Self care is key to kemiko's way of life.  caring for herself is her way of exemplifying strength, courage and wisdom.  

Kemiko is married with 5 children. She is a proud military and homeschooling Mom, triathlete and lover of an active lifestyle. She resides in Douglasville GA with her Husband and 3 youngest children.